Archaeological Mapping using a team of UAVs

This is the official web page of the project Collaborative Mapping of Archaeological Sites using multiple UAVs. The objective of this project is to develop an approach for fast and accurate mapping of archaeological sites. As a part of this project, we have open-sourced our simulation environment as well as two novel datasets to facilitate research on collaborative archaeological mapping. Please go through the following pages to get an insight into the project, download resources and documentation on the usage of provided resources.

  1. Castle Ruins AirSim: An AirSim environment for archaeological Mapping
  2. Castle Ruins Dataset
  3. Sadra Fort Dataset
  4. Experiments
  5. Source Code (will be available soon)

The Castle Ruins AirSim simulation environment

A team of UAVs in action in simulation

A UAV in action at the Sadra Fort site

An aerial view of the Sadra Fort Archaeological site

Dense reconstruction of the Sadra Fort

Dense reconstruction of Sadra Fort

Project Credits:

Manthan Patel (


Dr Aditya Bandopadhyay

Dr Aamir Ahmad (

This work was supported by the M N Faruqui center for Innovation, IIT Kharagpur

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