D.R.D.O SASE’s UAV Fleet Challenge

The Problem statement for the event by DRDO at the 8th Inter-IIT Tech Meet, IIT Roorkee was quite interesting. Having had some experience with Micro Aerial Vehicles before, I decided to be a part of the team from IIT Kharagpur to participate in this event. The problem statement was as follows-

Problem Statement: 

To build a swarm of drones capable of scanning a specified area, to detect specific objects from a widespread clutter of objects and communicate the locations of the detected target to the other agents.

The problem statement was quite intriguing and has multiple real-world applications especially during the scenario of search and rescue missions in a hostile environment. Moreover, this can also be helpful for disaster and emergency analysis, as well as for reconnaissance missions. The whole project was divided into 4 major parts as follows-

  • Hardware
  • Strategy, path planning, and controls
  • Swarm architecture and communication
  • Detection

My major contribution was in the strategy, planning, and controls module. I was also responsible for simulation and testing. In addition to this, it was a great learning experience since it required a lot of inter-module work and thus we got an overall idea of the whole system architecture. The presentation video below will make one clear of our whole architecture.

Alpha, Beta, Charlie & Delta - Our Swarm of quadrotors
Alpha, Beta, Charlie & Delta - Our Swarm of quadrotors

Testing Video:


Resources :

The Team!!
The Team!!

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