Collaborative Mapping of Archaeological Sites using multiple UAVs

We developed a collaborative mapping approach for fast and accurate mapping of archaeological sites and performed experiments in AirSim as well as at the Sadra Fort, Gujarat India. We make the Castle Ruins AirSim environment and two novel datasets for collaborative archaeological mapping publicly available as a part of this project.

D.R.D.O SASE UAV Fleet Challenge

This project was part of the challenge at the 8th Inter-IIT Tech Meet, IIT Roorkee. We had to build a swarm of four UAVs to search for specific targets in a fixed area and communicate the locations to the other agents.

Coordinated Exploration and Mapping of Unkown environments

This project aimed at developing multi-agent exploration strategies for exploration in GPS-denied environments. We use coordinated aerial-ground robots to carry out time-bound exploration and make the approach resilient by adding agent failure recovery mechanisms.

Path Tracking for Ackermann based Vehicles

This project consisted of survey and implementaion of multiple Path tracking algorithms like Pure pursuit, PID, Stanley, Linear Quadratic Regulator and Model Predictive Control. All the algorithms were tested in a simulation environment as well as on the e2o car for comparative study.

Eklavya 6.0 & 7.0 (Intelligent Ground Vehicle)

Every year, our group Autonomous Ground Vehicle participates in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, held in Michigan, USA. We designed and developed the robots Eklavya 6.0 and 7.0 for participating in the 26th and 27th IGVC respectively.

Mahindra e2o Driverless Car

Our team Autonomous Ground Vehicle Research Group was one of the top 13 teams to get selected for the final round of the Mahindra Rise Prize challenge out of more than 400 teams. We are currently working towards making the Mahindra e2o car fully autonomous.


RACECAR  stands for Rapid Autonomous Complex-Environment Competing Ackermann-steering Robot.This project is a scaled-down version (1/10th) of a real Self-driving car. I worked on this project during my internship at Inspired Automation Future technologies, Ahmedabad.

Indoor Drone Navigation

This was my second project during my internship at Inspired Automation Future Technologies. My major work included autonomous stabilisation and position hold, indoor localisation and waypoint navigation. The quadcopter was controlled using a RasPi and a Pixhawk flight controller.

Autonomous Agri-Robot

I was a part of the IIT-Kharagpur team during the 7th Inter-IIT Tech Meet. The problem statement of our event was to reduce drudgery of farmers and provide intelligent automation. We came up with an autonomous agri-robot capable of fruit plucking, seed sowing and weedicide spraying.

Semi-Autonomous Fire Fighting Vehicle

As a part of the InterHall Hardware Modelling competition 2019, we made a semi-autonomous robot capable of undertaking a search and rescue mission in a fire-affected zone. It had a robust fire extinguishing mechanism and would provide the live thermal imaging of the site.

CNC Plotter

A mini CNC Plotter was made as a part of the Makerspace Lab initiative. The Plotter was able to draw any graphic of the size 120mm*240mm when provided with G-Code. The processing was done by a laptop which would send the serial commands to Arduino to control the motors.