Robotix – CNC Plotter

We decided to build a CNC Plotter under the newly introduced Makerspace initiative by Technology Robotix Society. The project was selected keeping in mind the available resources. Since no expensive hardware was required in building a miniature version of a plotter, we decided to undertake this project. Arduino Uno was used to control the stepper motors and the micro servo motor. The processing of the G-Code was done by a laptop which would send the motor commands through serial communication.

The Mini CNC Plotter is capable of printing any graphic having a size less than 120 * 240 mm. Two stepper motors have been used for independent movement of the pen holder and printing bed. A micro servo motor has been used for lifting the pen up and down. The microcontroller used is Arduino. G-code of the graphic to be printed has to be provided. On providing the G-code file, instructions are sent to Arduino, and thus the required motion of the stepper and servo motors is obtained. Our future plan is to use a Raspberry PI to do the G-code processing instead of a laptop. Moreover, the G-code file would be directly sent to the Raspberry PI through wifi, and the plotter would start working. The aim is to enable the plotter to work even in the absence of supervision. All the necessary software used in the project are provided in the GitHub repository given below-


CNC plotter

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